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In our showroom can be seen a wide range of machines for wastewater treatment. It is possible to see some of the machines in operation, for example the Band Screen, and there is a demo model of Aerostrip Diffuser for bottom aeration.

Call or email and book an appointment for viewing: +45 76 43 23 23 or

The following machines we have for display in our showroom:


Shaftless Screw Conveyors KD 02

  Penstocks KD 05.1/KD 05.2
Stop Logs KD 05.7   Covers - Manholes KD 06
Curved Bar Screen KD 14   Scraper Bridge KD 16
Channel Brush KD 16.11   Runway Brush KD 16.19
Static Inline Mixer KD 28   Flocculator KD 29
Drum Thickener KD 30   Maxi Rotor KD 31
Polymer Preparation Unit KD 37   Aerostrip Diffuser KD 41
 Demo-model Aerostrip Diffuser KD 41   Band Screen KD 43





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