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6. Jan. 2015 - Maxirotor - Egypt


ISO 9001:2008 certification

As per 14. August 2015 is it official, that Danish Wastewater Equipment A/S are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

The quality management system is applicable to:

Engineering and manufacturing of products and solutions to the global water treatment market



Order to Holen, Bergen, Norway

DWE has received an order for Penstocks.


2 PCS Penstock model KD 05.1

Customer: KRG



Order to Ikast, Nørregade

DWE has received an order for Penstock.


1 PC Penstock model KD 05.2

Customer: Grønbech & Sønner



Order to Saudi, project Sludge silo system in Kharj Road 1 WWTP

DWE has received an order for a complete Sludge Silo system.


2 PCS Sludge silo model KD 25 (100m3)

Screw conveyor model KD 02-420

Sliding gate model KD04-500

Sludge pumps, valves, pipes etc.


Customer: Chemsbro



Order for ALTEROUS

DWE has received an order through our Partner ALTEROUS.


5 PCS Penstock model KD 05.2

2 PCS Adjustable Weirs KD 34

Customer: ALTEROUS




Order for Aalborg WWTP East

DWE has received an order for Scraper bridges for Primary rectangular tanks.


2 PCS Scraper bridges model KD 16R

Including installation works

Customer: Aalborg Forsyning, Kloak A/S
  Cunsultant: EnviDan



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